The first floor was converted in November 2015 after the ‘SMITHS’ team sampled beers for their menu. Unable to decide on their favourites, they figured they’d give customers the choice. The 70 beers are now all displayed behind the bar, giving you a great view of all those on offer.

The vision for this floor was to give you, our customers, a little taste of each of London’s and breweries outside of London all in one place. To compliment this, we hold a different ‘meet the brewer’ event each month with our team regularly visiting breweries to learn the tricks of the trade and discover the secrets to great tasting beers.

If you have trouble choosing, why not ask the expert team to decide for you? They’re sure to find a few that will tickle your taste buds?

If you don’t fancy exploring the finest selection of London’s craft beer that ‘SMITHS’ has on offer, then there are also some spirits and wine to choose from. There are also be a selection of ‘SMITHS’ cocktails including, the London Fizz and an IPA infused version of the classic Caipirinha.

The ‘SMITHS’ team is currently tasting gin and whiskey to add to the Craft Beer Bar offering on the first floor, so watch this space!

Craft beer highlights include:

  • LDN Bitter/Brown
  • LDN Golden Ale
  • LDN Red Ale
  • LDN Saison
  • Porter
  • LDN Porter
  • LDN Larger
  • LDN Stout.

Brewery’s we work with:

  • Camden Town Brewery
  • East London Brewery
  • Five Points Brewery
  • Redchurch Brewery
  • Hammerton Brewery
  • Brixton Brewery
  • London Beer Factory
  • Portobello Brewery
  • Hackney Brewery
  • Partizan Brewing
  • The Kernel Brewery
  • Wild Card Brewery
  • Orbit Beers
  • Howling Hop Brewery

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