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30th August 2016
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28th September 2016

Butchery class

What better place to learn the basics of butchery than across the road from London’s iconic Smithfield Meat Market – the largest and oldest wholesale meat market in Britain.

Having worked continuously with meat market since the year 2000, ‘SMITHS’ really is the setting for anything meat related – whether you are eating it, or learning butchery techniques.

A unique gift to mark a special occasion, butchery courses in the Dining Room give everyone the chance to learn the difference between cuts of meat.

The courses will fill you with knowledge of how to perfectly cut each piece.

Once you’ve selected and completed your butchery course, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your new found knowledge, proving you’re the quintessential meat mogul.

A range of cuts, structures and costs are available to suit any experience and budget.

To book email [email protected]